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Romantic Necklace with a Heart Pendant made of Carnelian

Romantic Necklace with a Heart Pendant made of Carnelian
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Product no.: val-31
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Item Category:  Jewels for the neck / necklace / collier
Colour:  metallic: gold / brown / red, dark red, wine red / orange
Material:  metal / stone, gemstone, pearls / Nylon coated wire
Style:  romantic, playful
to be used for:  women
useful for:  St. Valentines Day / Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter

A large, orange-brown banded heart made of carnelian was threaded onto five strands of jewelry wire in the colors red, orange and gold.

Carnelian is an opaque to slightly translucent, two-tone red-white to orange-white banded variety of chalcedony. It consists of quartz in a fibrous form, the fine crystalline structure of which can only be seen under a microscope.
Carnelian is used exclusively for the production of gemstones.

In ancient Egypt, carnelian was considered a "stone of life" due to its color reminiscent of blood. Therefore, he played a role in funeral rituals and is also mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Numerous carnelians were also found in Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

Since the carnelian is easy to work with, it was often used as a signet ring. Martin Luther, for example, wore a gold signet ring with a carnelian, into which the so-called Luther rose, the coat of arms of Luther, is cut. The ring was made around 1530, probably in Augsburg, and is exhibited in the green vault of the Dresden castle.

The formerly high rank of carnelian as a jewel is impressively evident in the so-called "jewelery sets" of Augustus the Strong (1670–1733) and his son, which are also exhibited in the green vault of the Dresden palace and form a main part of the Saxon crown treasure.

Carnelian dolls were also made in the Middle Ages because the color of the stone comes closest to the color of human skin.

In the Middle Ages, carnelian was sometimes worn in amulets that were supposed to protect against enchantment. Hildegard von Bingen counts it among the most important healing stones; he supposedly helps u. a. against bleeding, headache, cough and colds.
For Marbod von Rennes (1035–1123), bishop of this city in Brittany, and for Albertus Magnus (1193–1280), the stone had the effect, besides hemostasis, of calming the anger. Carnelian was praised as a panacea for character in a work from 1354, the Oeconomia by Konrad von Megenberg:

Who is weak but wants to be firm
who is lukewarm but wants to burn
who is cowardly but wants to be bold,
who is a servant but wants to be master,
always wear a carnelian.

Even in later centuries, carnelian is still considered to have a special effect on women. The Sincere Jubilee from 1773 writes: "Carnelian, worn by men, makes women look strangely attractive to women."

Esoterics assign the zodiac signs Aries, Taurus and Scorpio to the carnelian.
He also stands for Raphaell for the planet Mars (planet) and for Uyldert for the planet Jupiter. The writer and poet Theodor Körner assigned carnelian to the month of July in his poem "The Monthly Stones".

As a healing stone, carnelian is said to be able to cure arthritis, depression, neuralgia and rheumatism, as well as to relieve fever and infections. It is also said to promote vitality.

Size of the carnelian heart: 2 cm x 3 cm
Length of the necklace: 49 cm
Gold-colored lobster clasp


Romantic Necklace with a Heart Pendant made of Carnelian Romantic Necklace with a Heart Pendant made of Carnelian

This Product was added to our catalogue on Saturday 25 January, 2020.

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