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Opulent Necklace *Blue-blooded Red Deer* with Lapis Lazuli

Opulent Necklace *Blue-blooded Red Deer* with Lapis Lazuli
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Product no.: herbst-39
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Item Category:  Jewels for the neck / necklace / collier / short necklace up to 49 cm
Colour:  blue, dark blue / metallic: bronze, brass / brown
Material:  metal / plastic / glass / stone, gemstone, pearls
Style:  opulent / fancy, crazy
Motive / Theme:  Nature / Animals
to be used for:  women
useful for:  Fall / Winter / Oktoberfest

With this kingly necklace you are the queen at every Oktoberfest!

The lavishly designed double-row necklace made of royal blue lapis lazuli beads (8, 10 and 12 mm in diameter), blue glass seed beads and bronze-colored pearls attracts everyone's attention - because the center of the necklace is formed by a special pendant:
On a bronze medallion perched the 3D portrait of a stately red deer (model of Schleich), he looks your opponent exactly in the eyes.
The deer is flanked by two bronze acorns.

Length of the necklace: 48 cm
Height of the entire trailer (deer with antlers): 7,5 cm
Bronze-colored lobster clasp


Worth knowing about the red deer

The red deer (Cervus elaphus), huntably red deer and rare also called noble deer, is a species of the real deer.
Among the species of deer, the red deer is characterized by a particularly large and widespread antlers, which is developed only by male animals. The female animals do not develop antlers and are therefore referred to as bald animals.
The red deer's range includes Europe, West Asia, Central Asia and North Africa. In Central Europe, the red deer is one of the largest wild animals in the world. It lives here almost only in forest biotopes. Originally, the red deer is an animal species of open and semi-open landscapes.
During the rutting season in autumn, the roaring of the male deer can be heard widely.
The red deer has been one of the most attractive hunting animals for humans ever since the Stone Age. Until the Romantic era, there was a continual decline in the number of red deer in Europe. By the second half of the nineteenth century, hunting had become so much the hobby of an increasingly self-confident bourgeoisie that it even offered the economic background of hunting painting and literature. Characteristic of this time is the high importance attached to the hunted trophy - in the case of the red deer the antlers and the deer tusks. Such trophies were often used in jewelry (such as grandeln). In the art, the motif of the roosting deer played a major role.

Worth knowing about lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, also called Lapis for short, is a naturally occurring, deep blue metamorphic rock, which consists of different proportions of the minerals lasurite, pyrite, calcite and lower admixtures of diopside, sodalite and others depending on the location.
The word "lapis" comes from the Latin language and means "blue stone".
As a gem, lapis lazuli has been used since prehistoric times at least 7000 years ago. In true Lasurstein golden sparkling pyrite particles are often visible.
Lapis lazuli played a major role as a pigment for bright blue and fade-resistant color in occidental art. The most sparing use on mediaeval pictures is due to the fact that the pigment was extremely expensive. As can be deduced from the name "ultramarine", it had to be obtained from traders "beyond the sea". The price per ounce for high-quality, strong blue pigment was similar to that of gold during the Renaissance.

Opulent Necklace *Blue-blooded Red Deer* with Lapis Lazuli Opulent Necklace *Blue-blooded Red Deer* with Lapis Lazuli Opulent Necklace *Blue-blooded Red Deer* with Lapis Lazuli Opulent Necklace *Blue-blooded Red Deer* with Lapis Lazuli Opulent Necklace *Blue-blooded Red Deer* with Lapis Lazuli Opulent Necklace *Blue-blooded Red Deer* with Lapis Lazuli Opulent Necklace *Blue-blooded Red Deer* with Lapis Lazuli

This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday 10 September, 2019.

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